What is USC PhotoRun?



* Geo-located campus tours with voice automation

* Photo scavenger hunts

* Real-time multiplayer races

* Post-route gallery sharing (a user-requested feature)

* Autoshare to social networks (Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter)


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USC PhotoRun isn’t just a great way to see our campus — it’s a great way to experience it!


Explore USC

USC PhotoRun will allow students and visitors alike to familiarize themselves with the campus right from their mobile phones.

Explore the campus by going on an architecture tour, participate in a photo scavenger hunt or take a tour developed by your favorite student organization. Whether you’re looking for a general tour or a focused exploration of art and architecture, athletic facilities or hidden treasures on campus, this app will enhance your experience.

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USC Photo Run App offers a variety of tours to showcase the many aspects of the campus and the university.